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I regularly walk Laguna Beach neighborhoods to meet people, get to know the lay of the land, stretch my legs and get outside. One of my regular haunts is Arch Beach Heights because the views are spectacular, it overlooks the open space and is away from the downtown hubbub. I love the fact that so many properties are being renovated and that the community is getting ever more attractive. It seems like not more than a half dozen houses need to be passed to find one going through some sort of improvement. As the saying goes, the neighborhood is a work in progress.

Another work in progress is the garden space of this home. This amazing woman is a certified Master Gardener. What’s a Master Gardener you ask? Thank you for that question: A Master Gardener is a volunteer who is trained by the University of California to use research-based information to promote environmentally responsible and sustainable horticultural practices in the home, community and school. So there you have it.

She is constantly doing and redoing this wonderful little patch of earth in her front yard to bring color, joy and personality to the world. If you look closely, she uses an old bike as a planter or a prop (background). These seem to be water-sensitive succulents being planted. Whatever, it’s beautiful! Anyway, it seems that she is compelled to revamp this garden every couple months. She says about herself “I just dig, dig, dig.” For the record, let me tell you, I “dig” her work.



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