Laguna Beach has been socked in with rain, fog, drizzle and cloud cover for much of the winter. It’s glorious. Today is another day of rain in Laguna. No one is complaining. Last week we had one of those magnificent days when it seemed like you could see all the way to Hawaii. I stopped at the lookout point on Crescent Bay to take in the view and couldn’t resist snapping off a few photos. This southbound view looking toward Main Beach was spectacular. It was like suddenly having a really dirty windshield cleaned. The colors and vibrancy could have been straight out of Toontown. I hope it’s a harbinger of the spring yet to come. If you live in or around Laguna Beach, take a hike in Laguna Canyon to really appreciate what a wondrous place this is. If this is something you might like doing, let me know and I’ll lead the hike.

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