Should we paint? Yes, definitely. White is in, right? Let’s paint it white. What!? There are hundreds of whites? How about new carpet? Shouldn’t we just offer a buyer credit so they can pick out what they like? What about floors, counter tops, window coverings, furniture, lighting fixtures, staging… Ahhhh!

Where do I start? Where do I stop? I don’t have time for this!

Face it, when you’re preparing your home for sale, trying to maximize your improvements is a daunting task. Inevitably, these choices will make a huge difference in how fast your home sells and for how much. Wouldn’t it be great if there was someone who could just tell you what to do and help you get it done? Well we have good news, there is! We have a Certified Stager on staff who stays abreast of all the current trends and will help you make the most impactful choices. Contact us and we will schedule a FREE two-hour consultation. Now, wasn’t that easy?


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